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  • “Extremely cool, you háve to experience it”

    Alexander Klöpping on Dutch television

  • “The best group activity I have done in years!”

    Sven on Tripadvisor

  • “By far the most exciting and challenging experience
    you can have with your friends right now. ”

    Charles Dheere on Tripadvisor

  • “Absolute highlight of a brilliant weekend!”

    Kasi on Tripadvisor

  • “Great opportunity to challenge a team
    to work together towards one common goal.”

    Marc Jansen Global Manager Learning and Talent

  • “I had the highest expectations
    and it turned out even better!”

    Mancini on Tripadvisor

  • “Not just highly recommended,
    but something you really múst do.”

    Michel on Tripadvisor

  • “A marvelous display of storytelling and suspense

    and a must-do for anyone in Amsterdam.”

    Andrew on Tripadvisor

  • “Designed with love, care and dedication.”

    Funtli on Tripadvisor

  • “The best aspect about Sherlocked is how
    all the little parts and puzzles
    build a great story together.”

    Philo on Tripadvisor

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The #1 Escape Room
in Amsterdam
on TripAdvisor
5 stars on TripAdvisor

The Vault

• Winner of The Golden Lock-in Award
• Ranked #7 of Best Escape Rooms in the World
• Nominated Best Special GameDutch Game Awards

The Mission
Form a team of highly skilled thieves to steal a mysterious object from a heavily protected safe.

Don’t be fooled: while it’s a century old safe-complex: its security system is state of the art.

Should you get caught, we will deny any knowledge of this operation.

• Strict minimum team size of 4 players
• Requires fluency in English

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We’ve recently discovered a room that has not been used or altered since 1934. It appears to have been the old office of the building’s architect, HP. Berlage.

Long has it been rumoured that Mr. Berlage was a member of the most secretive Society of the Crossed Keys, a group of luminaries that guarded the world’s most powerful secrets, until the year Berlage died in 1934.

No one has seen or heard of the Society or their secrets ever since. We now suspect that the last remaining trace of the Society may be hidden inside this newly discovered room, and this is where we call upon your most immediate help.


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  • What’s the difference between the experiences?

    The Architect is an escape room based experience with a playing time of 60 minutes. The Vault is a ‘break-in’ experience with a playing time of 80 minutes. Due to its unique concept, The Vault is experienced to be slightly more challenging than The Architect. Both experiences are unique and lots of fun.

  • How much do the experiences cost?

    The prices for The Architect vary from €119 to €129 per game and the prices for The Vault vary from €129 to €149 (depending on what date and time you choose).

  • Can we play both experiences at the same time?

    Yes! Both experiences run on the same time schedule (every two hours). Please note that they have different timelimits (The Architect 60 min., The Vault 90 min.) so chances are the two groups won’t end at the same time.

  • Can we do the experience with more than 6 at the same time?

    6 players is our maximum. With more players, the group dynamic changes and the experience isn’t as much fun.

  • Is the location wheelchair accessible?

    Unfortunately our location is not wheelchair accessible. Both experiences are located in the catacombs of the Beurs van Berlage, only to be entered by stairs.

  • Do you take unpaid reservations?

    No, we only take paid bookings. This makes our system faster and more transparent!

  • Cancellation policy - 72 hours

    You can cancel (or change) your experience date up to 3 days before the game is scheduled, without extra costs being incurred. Within 72 hours, your full game will be charged.



Beurs van Berlage
Damrak 247,
1012ZJ Amsterdam
The Netherlands

Kvk nr: 60930861
BTW nr: NL854122655B01

Tel: +31 (0)20 261 6433

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Together with Uncover Lab, we designed
a beautiful, personalized wooden giftcard.

Every card gets made to order in Amsterdam,
laser-engraved with a personal and unique booking code,
which you can choose yourself.

The makers at Uncover can send it gift wrapped
to you or directly to the recipient, who can then pick the date
for their game themselves on our site, using your code.

If you are in a hurry we may even be able to arrange
for it to be made today, so you can still pick it up at Uncover Lab
(De Hallen, Amsterdam) in time for that birthday party tonight..
Please give us a call if the order is urgent.

Buy a giftcard for one of our experiences:
The Architect game €129
The Vault game €149


We are building a worldwide top quality mystery experience brand. This means we treat requests to collaborate or franchise somewhat differently from most other franchises. We believe in extreme levels of detail and creativity and we spend a lot of time finding the perfect location. We believe that if you create an extraordinary, pinnacle experience, not only will your business flourish, but also, the opportunities that come your way will be the most worthwhile. On the other hand, if you’re looking for a quickly deployable, less demanding experience, we advise you to look further.

If you’re interested in joining forces with our particular brand of mystery makers, and our team of behavioral designers, architects, writers and visual artists, we’d be delighted to hear from you. Please email our core team at

For Companies

Escape games are exceptional in putting teams to the test. Collaboration, communication and creativity are crucial in finding your way and the time element adds both pressure and joy to the experience. Just a fragment of the companies whose teams we’ve hosted:

We’ve also used the game as a recruitment tool; allowing company recruiters to evaluate candidates’ performance within a team and under pressure.

To learn more about these options, mail us at


We’re not currently searching, but we’re always on the lookout for talented creatives in:

Graphic design
Community & communication
Concept development
Game design

If you’re interested, please send your best work to

No need to write a long message; if we love your work and know a project that could fit, we’ll get back to you asap. And if not, maybe next time.

Algemene Voorwaarden




Reserveren kan alleen online via Book now op

Na het maken van een reservering wordt een bevestiging per e-mail verstuurd. Wanneer deze bevestigingsmail niet is ontvangen, is de reservering niet vastgelegd. Let op, de bevestigingsmail komt af en toe in de spam folder terecht. U kunt de boeking opnieuw maken of contact opnemen met



Annuleren is alleen mogelijk via het e-mailadres:

Annuleren is tot 72 uur voor aanvang kosteloos. Daarna is restitutie niet meer mogelijk.

Sherlocked heeft de mogelijkheid om tot 24 uur voor aanvang de reservering te annuleren of te wijzigen. In geval van een annulering van onze kant wordt het gehele bedrag binnen 3o dagen teruggeboekt.



Wanneer je meedoet aan Sherlocked moet je begrijpen dat je niet een alledaagse bezigheid doet. Het is een spannend spel, maar ook geschikt voor zwangere vrouwen en mensen van 65+. Toch blijft deelname te allen tijde op eigen risico.



Het plezier van escape games is het oplossen van de puzzels. Gun je vrienden ook dit plezier en vertel ze over je ervaring, maar verklap niet de geheimen. Beschouw jezelf tot geheimhouding verplicht.



Kinderen van 13 jaar en jonger worden enkel toegelaten onder begeleiding van een persoon van 16 jaar of ouder.


Tijdens het spel is drugs- en/of alcoholgebruik verboden.

Wanneer bij aanvang van het spel een medewerker van Sherlocked twijfelt aan de gesteldheid van een deelnemer, heeft de medewerker het recht deze deelnemer te weigeren zonder restitutie.


Juli 2015. Deze algemene voorwaarden zijn onderhevig aan verandering.