• Can we still come play the rooms now the COVID-19 virus is spreading?


    While playing at Sherlocked, we want you to be able to safely dive into our world of mystery. Therefore we have taken measures to protect you and our team of hosts.

    Before arrival
    Feeling under the weather? Do you have a sniffle? A cold? We know it’s probably nothing, but we still ask you to stay home. Before your booking, a survey will be sent to you to check for any symptoms within your team. In addition, our host is obligated to check this again at the door, and can refuse entry if there are any signs of symptoms. If you can’t come because of any symptoms related to Covid19 and call in advance, we’re happy to reschedule your booking without any cost. If we have to deny entry at the door it’s too late to reschedule our host, which means we will not be able to reimburse your booking.

    Group size
    There are some differences between our rooms when it comes to group size:

    The Vault is suitable for teams that do not belong to the same household, but with a maximum of 4 players. If you don’t belong to the same household we ask you keep the required 1,5 metres distance.

    Groups of 5 and 6 people can play The Vault if they do belong to the same household.

    Teams of 2 or groups up to 6 that do belong to the same household, are welcome to play The Architect.

    Concerning the wearing of masks, we fully support the policy of the city of Amsterdam and ask you to wear a mask during your visit, for your own safety as well as our host’s. If you do not have a face mask, we can provide them at the door. Your host will also be wearing a mask. We will also ask you to thoroughly wash your hands before entering the room and after finishing the game. After that, you’re good to go!

    During the game 
    You can experience our game much in the same way as before. As long as you keep your distance from team members who are not from the same household, feel free to touch, examine, pull, push, turn or investigate everything in the room (we kindly ask that you do not lick anything, we assure you it is not necessary). Disinfectant will be provided should you want to clean your hands during the game. We clean the room thoroughly after every group to ensure your safety. Would you prefer to wear gloves? Feel free to bring a pair. Everything should work when touched with a gloved hand.

    After the game
    Once you have finished your game, you can wash your hands once again and if needed, use our bathroom. After that the room will be ventilated and cleaned for the next group. Did you enjoy your experience with us? Wonderful! We will have other safe activities available soon, so keep an eye on our newsletter and social media.

  • What’s the difference between the experiences?

    The Architect is an escape room based experience with a playing time of 60 minutes. The Vault is a ‘break-in’ experience with a playing time of 80 minutes. Due to its unique concept, The Vault is experienced to be slightly more challenging than The Architect. Both experiences are unique and lots of fun.

  • How much do the experiences cost?

    The prices for The Architect vary from €75 to €109 per game and the prices for The Vault vary from €129 to €149 (depending on what date and time you choose, and how many people are in your team – though the latter only applies to The Architect).

  • Can we play both experiences at the same time?

    Yes! Both experiences run on the same time schedule (every two hours). Please note that they have different time limits (The Architect 60 min., The Vault 90 min.) so chances are the two groups won’t end at the same time. The Architect is for now only available for teams belonging to the same household, so keep that in mind.

  • Can we do the experience with more than 6 at the same time?

    6 players is our maximum. With more players, the group dynamic changes and the experience isn’t as much fun. Due to strict regulations regarding COVID-19, we don’t make exceptions.

  • Is the location wheelchair accessible?

    Unfortunately our location is not wheelchair accessible. Both experiences are located in the catacombs of the Beurs van Berlage, only to be entered by stairs.

  • Do you take unpaid reservations?

    No, we only take paid bookings. This makes our system faster and more transparent!

  • Cancellation policy - 72 hours

    All purchases are final. If you can’t make your appointment anymore, and you notify us 72 hours before your reserved time of the appointment, we can reschedule your appointment at no extra cost, or -if you don’t know a new date yet- we can give you a booking voucher for you to use later (this voucher will be valid for 5 years).

  • Are the rooms scary?

    No. The experiences are mysterious, challenging and exciting, but not scary in any way.

    It’s also fine if you’re claustrophobic. The rooms are quite spacious, nobody is forced to do anything they don’t want to, and you can always ask to leave the room if you feel uncomfortable. This has never happened with us, but we’re always ready for it.

  • Can my 12 year old son/daughter join my team?

    Absolutely. Perhaps (s)he’ll be the smartest player on your team..

  • Can our 12 year old triplets play without adult supervision?

    Probably not. Most puzzles are age-independent, but some would be tricky without some adult insight. We’ve had groups of 14 year olds and they managed well, so we set the minimum age requirement at 14+ for groups without adults. A chaperone of 16 years or older is required for younger participants.

  • Can we be a little tipsy?

    Not even a little. We need you at your sharpest, and also, the rooms are over 100 years old and not tipsy-proof. We’re pretty stern about this actually and our hosts will remove a player from the game if they feel they’re intoxicated or disrupting the game flow.

  • Do you have official terms and conditions? What about a privacy policy?

Due to current lockdown measures, our live rooms are closed until Feb 9th.

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