Prices start at €32,25 per person, although we don’t charge per person but per room. A team consists of 4-6 people and it will take about 80 minutes to complete the break-in (less if you’re really sharp of course). Find a time for your team in the calendar below!

Our experiences are open again!

While playing at Sherlocked, we want you to be able to safely dive into our world of mystery. Therefore we have taken measures to protect you and our team of hosts. 

Before arrival
Feeling under the weather? Do you have a sniffle? A cold? We know it’s probably nothing, but we still ask you to stay home. Before your booking, a survey will be sent to you to check for any symptoms within your team. In addition, our host is obligated to check this again at the door, and can refuse entry if there are any signs of symptoms. If you can’t come because of any symptoms related to Covid19 and call in advance, we’re happy to reschedule your booking without any cost. If we have to deny entry at the door it’s too late to reschedule our host, which means we will not be able to reimburse your booking.

Group size
Groups of up to 6 people are welcome to play. If you do not belong to the same household, please keep the required 1,5 metres distance.

We do not require you to wear a face mask, but of course you may do so if you wish! In that case, please bring your own. We will ask you to thoroughly wash your hands before entering the room and after finishing the game. After that, you’re good to go!

During the game 
You can experience our game much in the same way as before. As long as you keep your distance from team members who are not from the same household, feel free to touch, examine, pull, push, turn or investigate everything in the room (we kindly ask that you do not lick anything, we assure you it is not necessary). Disinfectant will be provided should you want to clean your hands during the game. We clean the room thoroughly after every group to ensure your safety. Would you prefer to wear gloves? Feel free to bring a pair. Everything should work when touched with a gloved hand.

After the game
Once you have finished your game, you can wash your hands once again and if needed, use our bathroom. After that the room will be ventilated and cleaned for the next group. Did you enjoy your experience with us? Wonderful! We will have other safe activities available soon, so keep an eye on our newsletter and social media. Need recommendations for other safe and fun experiences in Amsterdam? Our hosts can help. Let’s make this a summer filled with fun and mystery! 

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us at