Prices start at €24,99 per person, although we don’t charge per person but per room. A team consists of 4-6 people and it will take about 80 minutes to complete the break-in (less if you’re really sharp of course). Find a time for your team in the calendar below!


Sherlocked is closed until April 28 due to coronavirus concerns

In response to new research, we have decided to temporarily close our doors.

A recent study on the contagiousness of the coronavirus published in the New England Journal of Medicine indicates that transmission through objects and surfaces is in fact plausible, which is contrary to the earlier position of the RIVM. The research also states that aerosol particles from for instance a sneeze can stay in the air for up to 3 hours and might remain contagious for that period of time.

This research is not peer reviewed as of yet. Therefore this wasn’t an easy decision to make. However, the health and safety of our guests and staff are of the highest importance to us, so we have decided to eliminate all risk, and to no longer stay open.

We hope for your understanding and we hope that we may welcome you and your team once this crisis has passed!

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us at